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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Boxes of Carvoeiro: Algarve 9

Not an unspoiled fishing village - there are none left in the Algarve - but a small town whose geography has helped it retain some of its character and charm
Junction boxes are everywhere but Portuguese towns seem to have an inordinate number of them. Drab grey, they are magnets for graffiti and fly posting....

Boxes in Lagoa - drab as you like
... but not in Carvoeiro.

Fish, what would you expect? Boxes of Carvoeiro
The painting was the idea of Phil Francis a British resident of Carvoeiro for almost three decades. With the support of the local authority, he extracted permission from Energias de Portugal who own the boxes, teamed up with Helder José, a German/Portuguese professional graffiti artist and set to work at the end of last year.

A touch of the Jackson Pollocks: Boxes of Carvoiero
And they have been busy. I photographed 55 boxes in a hour's walk up and down the main streets and I doubt I got them all. Because of the way the paintings are juxtaposed it took me a while to spot the themes, but they are there. There is local architecture...

Local architecture: Boxes of Carvoeiro
...sometimes with a cat.

Local architecture with cats: Boxes of Carvoeiro

Traditional Algarve chimneys are well represented...

Traditional Algarve Chimney: Boxes of Carvoeiro
as are azulejo tiles.

Painted tiles: Boxes of Carvoeiro
and there is a series of local views, like this one of the beach.

Carvoeiro Beach: Boxes of Carvoeiro
Local characters also feature, like Tia Olympia (Aunty Olympia)...

Tia Olympia: Boxes of Carvoeiro
and João Peludo (Hairy John).

João Peludo: Boxes of Carvoeiro
There is a series on local fauna....

Frog: Carvoeiro Boxes

....while other paintings relate to where they are, like this alembic outside a booze shop.

Alembic outside a booze shop: Boxes of Carvoeiro

I particularly like this one as the theme continues up the wall above and links across to the
advertisement at the side...

Carvoeiro Boxes
....and finally (for a touch of controversy) I wonder if the placing of a Virgin Mother and a stork on adjacent boxes was entirely accidental.

No comment; Boxes of Carvoeiro
There are more, but that is a representative selection. I am indebted to Alyson and Dave Sheldrake's Algarve Blog for some of the information in this post.

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  1. Loved these painted boxes when we were in Carvoeiro too. Such an improvement and really quite a talking point. A great idea from someone! Just a few more to add to the collection on your next visit then!
    Mike and Alison